Hail Purdue

First Verse
To your call once more we rally;
Alma Mater hear our praise;
Where the Wabash spreads its valley;
Filled with joy our voices raise.
From the skies in swelling echoes
come the cheers that tell the tale
of your vict’ries and your heroes,
Hail Purdue! we sing all hail!


Hail, hail to old Purdue!
All hail to our old gold and black!
Hail, hail to old Purdue!
Our friendship may she never lack.
Ever grateful, ever true,
Thus we raise our song anew
of the days we’ve spent with you,
All hail our own Purdue!

Second Verse

When In after years we’re turning,
Alma Mater, back to you,
May our hearts with love be yearning
for the scenes of old Purdue.
Back among your pathways winding
Let us seek what lies before,
Fondest hopes and aims e’re finding,
While we sing of days of yore.

Loyalty Song

Now everyone knows Alpha Sigma Phi,
That they are the best just cannot be denied;
They have that style, that smile, that friendly way,
No matter where you’ll go,
you’ll recognize them and you’ll say,
Now they’re the “Greeks” I’d like to know;
They’ve got that Alpha Sig “Fight”, “Zip” and “Go”;
And just to see them smile is quite a treat,
Can’t be beat, Alpha Sigma Phi!

Wake,Freshman, Wake

The stars brightly glancing,
Behold us advancing,
And kindly smile upon us from on high,
Our summons awaiting,
With hearts loudly beating,
The freshmen trembling on their couches lie,

Wake! Wake! Freshmen, wake!
Wake while our song smites the sky,
For now, ere we leave you,
We heartily give you,
A welcome into Alpha Sigma Phi.

Our anthems loudly swelling,
Are truthfully telling,
Our triumphs over those who with us vie,
Once laid on our altar,
Your hearts shall ne’er falter,
Your watch-word ever, Yale and Beta Xi.

(repeat chorus)

While some sadly ponder,
Still others will wonder,
Why we their doors in silence dead pass by,
But O for-tu-na-ti,
O ter-que be-a-ti,
Who hear the mystic call of Beta Xi

(repeat chorus)

Freshman Song

When first we came to town,
We just cast our eyes around
To see what wondrous men and things were nigh;
But we weren’t here very long,
Before we for Sigs were strong.
And we chose and love our Alpha Sigma Phi.
Oh, Alpha Sigma Phi
Is the apple of our eyes,
It’s the best fraternity in all this land.
We’ve searched the campus far,
And we’re glad we’re where we are,
For we’re members of a strong and loyal band.
We know that we shall be
In this man’s fraternity,
‘Til the time when we shall cold and quit.
So for now and ever more,
We shall never shirk a chore,
And we’ll always try to do a goodly bit.
And so we’ll pledge our health; We’ll pledge our wealth;
We’ll give without a sigh.
Our hearts are true, We Freshmen are with you,
In Alpha Sigma Phi

Sweetheart Song

Who says sweetheart to you,
Who calls you all his own?
Who stands lonesome and blue,
Talking of love to the moon up above?
Tell me, whose eyes are gazing in yours,
Make all your dreams come true?
Who has the right to kiss you goodnight?
Tell me, whose Alpha Sig girl are you?

The Table’s Set

The table’s set, the feast is met, the hall is gay and merry,
Good fellows are, all gathered here, to drink a glass of sherry,
So grab a stein, of beer or wine, and join right in the swing,
Let glasses clink, and take a drink, as merrily we sing, So….
Drink, drink, drink to our fraternity,
Drink, drink, drink, for she means so much to me,
Good fellowship is forming here,
Oh may it never die;
So drink, drink, drink to Alpha Sigma Phi!

For He’s An Alpha Sig

For he’s an Alpha Sig
He’s a man you ought to know
For he’s an Alpha Sig
He’s not too fast and not too slow
He’s a gentleman and a scholar
with a heart beneath his vest
He looks like all the others, but
he’s better than the rest
For he’s an Alpha Sig
He’s a man you ought to,
a man you want to,
a man you’re sure to know!

Lyrics and Sheet Music

A Toast to Alpha Sigma Phi

Well, here’s to dear old Sigma Phi
Fondest memories you’ll recall
For you we’ll fight
We’ll live or die
We’re for you the first of all
We’re with you ever right or wrong.
We’re as true as skyblue sky
Blood grows warm and hearts beat strong
When it’s ‘Here’s to Alpha Sigma Phi. From coast to coast our hearts are bound
Link’d with ties which never break
A’Sig’s’ a Sig wherever found
a brother’s part he’ll always take.
We sing of college life and pals,
May those friendships never die;
But, boys a toast to our ‘Old Gal,’
For we love you Alpha Sigma Phi!

Within the Mystic Circle

Joyously to thee we raise,
Alpha Sigma Phi,
Songs of loyalty and praise,
Which shall never die,
Thou our inspiration art,
Ne’er shall any heart,
From thy Mystic Circle part,
Alpha, Sigma, Phi…
Many are the friendships dear,
Made within thy halls,
Many mem’ries we revere,
Clust’ring round thy walls,
Which tho’ far from thee we be,
Shall in loyalty,
Closer bind our hearts to thee,
Alpha, Sigma, Phi.