Alumni Profiles

Andrew Oreffice ’85

12/8/2003 When asked what advice he has for recent graduates today, Andy Oreffice ’85 had this to say, “You’ve got to work hard, of course. But it’s important to keep a balance in your life, and that can be a real challenge. You’ve got to be sure you make time […]

Thomas Wozniak ’87

5/23/2003 A Boilermaker’s Hands If you remember taking an engineering class with Tom Wozniak or that he graduated in chemical engineering, don’t expect to find him at a DuPont or Dow plant tweaking pump output or studying flow diagrams. Yes, he does understand a lot about pumps, but it’s the […]

Alan Karpick ’79

6/2/2003 Alumni Profile: Alan Karpick ’79 Alan Karpick has been involved in sports promotion and publishing for most of his career. For the last seven years, this ’79 Alpha Sigma Phi alum has been working for true gold – the Gold & Black Illustrated that is. Karpick is publisher and […]

Joe Kurjiaka ’97

Why did you join Alpha Sigma Phi? I joined because the group of guys was awesome. It was a bunch of guys that I could hang out with, play sports with, drink with and STUDY with. Okay, just kidding about the study thing! The best thing about the house was […]

Bill Shumaker ’82

Paving the Way Now the owner of a successful asphalt paving business, Bill Shumaker shares how Alpha Sig helped pave his way in life. Why did you join Alpha Sigma Phi? I rushed all the houses and knew where the good parties were during rush. But the thing I liked […]

John Kauffman ’43

Not Just Sailing Along “They met me when I got off the train and asked me if they could help me get to campus. They wanted to know if I had a place to live at Purdue,” remembered John Kauffman. It was 1943. He was just 16. The war was […]